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SmugMug Model 3.0 release is stable!

  • Add support for the 1.3.0 SmugMug API
  • Add support for oAuth as required by the 1.3.0 SmugMug API
  • Add support for C# 5.0 async feature
  • Add support for cancelling an image upload
  • Various fixes to issues reported by users!

The project is a SmugMug platform on which you can build your own application.
It connects to the SmugMug API 1.2.2 using JSon and C#.

The model allows the user to login/ logout to his SmugMug account and create, get, modify, delete, get information, change settings, find, etc – all the functions from – for albums, album templates, categories, family, friends, images, sharegroups, styles, subcategories, themes, and watermarks. It also allows the user to get a tree view of all his categories, subcategories, and albums; and to get display names for other users.

There is also a console application to test the functions and show how they could be used.

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