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Download the DLLs from the Downloads tab - Unzip them and add a reference to them from you project.

Connect to the site by logging in:

Site mySite = new Site();

var user = mySite.Login(“user name”, “password”);

Create an album (if you don’t want dups, use Unique as well)

1. In the other category:

var myAlbum = user.CreateAlbum(“myAlbum”);

with Unique: var myAlbum = user.CreateAlbum(“myAlbum”, true);

2. Create a category and then the album in it (if it exists, it won’t be duplicated, you’ll just get a category object from the site):

var myCategory = user.CreateCategory(“myCategory”);

var myAlbum = myCategory.CreateAlbum(“myAlbum”);
3. Create a category and subcategory in it (the same goes here for dupps). And then create the album in that subcategory.

var myCategory = user.CreateCategory(“myCategory”);

var mySubCategory = myCategory.CreateSubCategory(“mySubCategory”);

var myAlbum = mySubCategory.CreateAlbum(“myAlbum”);

Get an existing album:

1.Use the hierarchical album tree (categories, subcategories, albums)

var myTree = user.GetTree(true);

List<Album> myAlbums = myTree.Albums;
2.Get all the albums from the site and search for the album you want to upload to

List<Album> myAlbums = user.GetAlbums(true);

foreach (var x in myAlbums)


if (x.Title == “myTitle”)

return x;


How to make the album private:

myAlbum.Protected = true;


Upload a photo:

var myUpload = myAlbum.CreateUploader();


Making a photo private:
myImageList = myAlbum.GetImages(true);

foreach (var myImage in myImageList)


if (myImage.FileName == filePath)


myImage.Hidden = true;




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